Alcohol Ink Landscape

Inspiring, Connecting, and Supporting Each Other Through Art

Wesley at Tehaleh is a vibrant community of individuals from diverse backgrounds. They share an enthusiasm for similar interests, including volunteering, gardening, entertaining, and traveling. Whether participating in mind-stimulating classes, hiking, or joining music and art classes, the passion for connection and community is prevalent.

Pat Theonnes – Inspiring and Supporting

One of the community’s upcoming events is the second annual Wesley at Tehaleh Art Show. The event is organized by the resident art committee. It will be held on April 27, 2024. The show will feature art in a variety of mediums, including acrylic paintings, stained glass, beadwork, knitting, diamond art, photography, needlepoint, and woodworking.

Wesley at Tehaleh resident Pat Theonnes will showcase her specialty in the show: alcohol ink landscapes (featured image). This process involves dropping alcohol ink on waterproof paper. Pat then disperses the colors by layering more ink, spraying with a water bottle, blowing with air, or using a hair dryer.

“People see their spiritual animals in my art. I don’t make them on purpose; it just happens from the ink flow,” Pat explains.  

Her love of art began when a friend brought her to an oil painting class after a tragic incident left Pat’s son in a coma.

“I just fell in love with it, and it took my mind off the grief. When I paint or do abstract art, I forget about time. Creating art makes me feel good, and I love the colors,” says Pat.

Prayer Shawls

Pat is a co-founder of the Wesley at Tehaleh Prayer Shawl Group. Approximately 10 residents meet weekly to crochet or knit a shawl accompanied by a psalm reading. The group and the campus chaplain bless the shawl before it is distributed to people needing support.

“They’re made for anyone who is hurting or grieving. We hand them out when we hear if someone is sick or in need. We’ve given them to friends of residents, family members, and other communities. They are free to anyone who requests them. We’ve sent them all over the world. When people know someone cares about them, miracles can happen,” explains Pat.

Catherine Thomas – Connecting Through Creativity

Another resident, Catherine Thomas, was invited to participate in watercolor classes in the Creativity Center by a couple of other women. Catherine hasn’t looked back.

“Wesley has a lot to do for art. The classes are offered three to four days a week. It’s exhilarating to see others’ creations. I like to see others learn something new and enjoy themselves,” says Catherine. 

Last year, Catherine showed her charcoal sketches of portraits from her portfolio in the Art Show. This year, she will showcase watercolor pictures from classes taught at Wesley, a few of her own, and seascape oil paintings.

“There are so many talented people here who can work in different mediums — sewing, acrylic, bead work. The classes are inspiring. It might be the same picture we’re painting. But everyone has a different gift,” says Catherine.

The Creativity Center is well stocked with donated art supplies, from yarn to paper, canvases to crochet hooks. The resident-driven Art Committee teaches and hosts weekly activities, including quilting, book club, stamping, beading class, sketching, mode podge projects, and more. Wesley’s resident engagement directors lead classes. Popular classes around the holidays include wreath-making and pumpkin carving. Some residents bring their personal craft carts to the Creativity Center on Saturdays to create freely.   

Wesley U is an award-winning enrichment program. It focuses on meaningful lifelong learning, interaction, and personal growth. Classes are tailored to resident’s interests. Wesley hosts outside instructors for art classes that highlight different mediums, such as fluid painting. That’s a type of abstract art involving freely pouring layers of thin acrylic paint onto a canvas. And most recently, pyrography, the art of woodburning was featured.

Catherine’s wood burning art

Catherine recalls how much she enjoys participating in the Wesley U art classes.

“The classes are a wonderful opportunity to get involved in art. I’ve encouraged people to come and enjoy the company of others if for nothing else. Maybe you’ll learn something new and find out you can do it. You never know until you try it,” she says.

An Outlet to Showcase Art

Each Wesley campus offers daily organized activities to encourage residents to stay active and engaged. Connection and community are important. Residents interested in attending classes can pick up an activities calendar, view a rotating list on campus screens, or pick up a brochure detailing each activity. Don’t miss the chance to see Pat’s alcohol ink landscapes and Catherine’s oil paintings at the Wesley at Tehaleh Art Show on Saturday, April 27, 2024. It will be an inspiring event showcasing the talents of Wesley at Tehaleh residents.