How To Tackle Spring Cleaning The Right Way

Spring is a great time to refresh your home. While you’re tackling your home’s trouble spots, take time to remove clutter, organize cupboards, and sift through junk drawers. Our spring-cleaning checklist is double duty. Jumpstart a much put-off downsizing exercise while leaving your home sparkly clean.


Cleaning and organizing can be an emotional and overwhelming process. Start by scheduling blocks of time on your calendar. Be as detailed as possible, including the time frame, task, or room you want to tackle. Then create space in a safe location to organize your items. Labeling boxes into the keep, donate, sell, trash, and recycle is an efficient way to sort your items. When the storage bins are full, place them in the trunk of your car and make an intentional decision to donate them.


Make room to freshen up your wardrobe and save time in the morning. Start by emptying the entire closet. Then wipe down all the shelves, baseboards, and walls with a damp cloth. As you place the items back into your closet, leave out the clothing you want to donate, recycle, or sell. Hang the “maybes” in the opposite direction and come the next season, if the hanger hasn’t moved, it’s time to declutter.


Evaluate every nook and cranny for cobwebs. Wipe down all the surfaces, including the baseboards, ceiling fans, vacuum the upholstery and the drapes for dirt and dust. With each item you pick up, ask yourself if this is something you want to keep or is it something you can live without. Then add it to the corresponding box.


Clear the shelves and check that your stock items are not past their expiration dates. Then give the surface a thorough cleaning with updated liners. This is an excellent opportunity to organize ‘like items’ together in clear, airtight containers.


Remove all utensils from their drawers and place them in a box. Wipe down and vacuum out every corner. One by one, pull out the item from the box as you need it. Designate a specific time to evaluate the remainder of the items in the box. If in a month you have forgotten about the spiralizer, it may be time to let go.


Remove all items, drawers, and shelves. Wipe down the appliance inside and out. When replacing your items check labels for expiration dates. Do not neglect to vacuum the refrigerator coils and schedule any necessary maintenance.


Give your kitchen appliances special attention. Remove the grills, oven racks, and drip pans from the stove and scrub them clean with steel wool. Replace the exhaust fan filter if necessary. Wipe down all the surfaces inside and out of the dishwasher. Pay special attention to the filter, the rubbers, the door’s inside, and the door edges. Consider adding a small cup of bleach to a cycle to kill any bacteria in the machine.

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